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  • Problem Description

    if you use android or touch pc when you touch a sprite execute double touch is a big problem.

    in previous versions of construct2 this did not happen.

    export others with another version and this does not happen.

    Problem in chrome and firefox, no problem in macos safari

    are you going to solve this?

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  • lol

    Its not a bug.

    Make a capx so someone can tell you how to correctly use it.

  • the capx

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/1n5DXc4 ... sp=sharing

    solution is :touch properties use mouse input no but this no is a good solution

    in other version no is this problem

    is a bug in news versions

    try it on an android and tell me, or in preview browser (default)

    Touch properties

    Use mouse input(this is the bug, when you touch in android or windows 10 produced double touch)

    If set to Yes, mouse clicks will simulate touch events. Clicking and dragging the left mouse button will simulate a touch along where mouse dragged, and single clicks will simulate taps. This can be very useful for testing touch events work properly on a desktop computer with no touch input supported. However, only single-touch input can be simulated with a mouse, and a mouse is much more precise than a touch, so it is still best to test on a real touchscreen device.

  • construct2 r 256 resolved problem

    When stable version?

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  • Closing as fixed in r256.

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