bug with "snap to grid"

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  • hello to all im going to try to explain whats happens when i activate the "snap to grid"

    First the "snap to grid' is wrong for me, because the objects who need to be snap, need to be snap INSIDE the grids, and not on the corners of the grid, this is really really problematic for precision work.

    Second, make5 littles cubes with different colors one the center (bigger) and the 4 others do it smallers, and put each one in a different side (like a cross shape).

    and NOW select all thoses littles cubes "COPY" your selection, and try to paste that with the snap to grid activated.....the objects are in complete disorder, its impossible to keep the same shape like the first selection.

    here you can see at the left side the original object, and on the right side, the differents copies, its all wrong...


  • Hmmm I agree with you, but I dont think its a bug, probably just the feature is not there.

    I tried to replicate this, found out the wrap selection option (the single pink box, not the collective blue) and the unwrapped selection makes no different in this situation. My thought is to request the wrapped selection to not snap all object to grid using their own imagepoint but use the singular imagepoint from the wrapped selection to be snapped to grid.

    I have not yet reach the stage which I have to do this but I'm glad imothep85 pointed this out early.

  • yeah i also tryed with the wrap selection but its the same problem :s

  • I just gave it a thought again, what's the purpose of the wrap selection if the object wrapped are moveable? My gut start to tell me that its a bug... Damn I'm seeing serious issues might come into my way... hope this is solved before I get to that part...

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  • snap to grid is really helpfull when you have to place obstacles or object at a precice place, for games moving case by case.

  • i tried everything, but this is really a bug, i tried my app, and its very not precise at all, i mean the player as a behaviour "push out solid" and the obstacles objects are "solids" when he collide the obstacle, its allways differents sometimes the player keep a distance of 1pixel, and sometimes more, and more etc...the problem change allways when i try the app so i thin im going to show that to Ashley because its something wrong with the snap to grid/collisions/push out solid.

  • First of, when reporting a bug please follow the guidelines and ALWAYS provide a capx of the issue.

    Apparently you haven't noticed that for "precision work" you can change the size of the grid.

    You need object to snap an object inside a 32X32 grid ? Change the size to 16X16 here you have the correct snapping.

    Also snap to grid is strictly a "in editor" tool, nothing to see with runtime.

  • i sended the capx to Ashley, its a bug here, not a wrong condition added.

  • Closing, please follow the guidelines and include a .capx with the bug report. Please do not send me .capx files separately, we deal with so much mail it is very difficult to know how to link it together, just attach it to the original report.

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