[Bug?] Pressing F11 does not make game fullscreen

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  • For some reason, I can't make my game full-screen by pressing F11 (at least during preview mode). It works for all other webpages, just not the game.

    Not sure if this is a bug.

    Using Construct 2, version r108.2

  • It works for mine, I tried Chrome IE9 and Firefox. (in preview)

    I have a beta online for testing here:


    does f11 work for you with it?

    it's in letterbox scale mode, webGL on, hide address bar=no

    do you have functions to scale the screen, or do you let Constuct2's scale do it? I had to remove all my manual scaling, it seemed to conflict. (the background wouldn't always scale until I took my scaling out.)

    Ashley will probably need a Capx example, can you make a new almost empty Capx that also won't go full screen?

  • Do you use F11 as a key anywhere in your events? Even if it's:

    + On Key 'F11' Pressed

    --> Request Fullscreen in Browser

  • Ok. I think I figured out something.

    The game has two layouts. One for the playing area (Playing Area layout) and another that contains most of the objects used in the game and uses almost no events (Storage layout).

    I found that the Storage layout goes fullscreen when I press F11, but not the Playing Area layout. That means this isn't a bug, but something in the Playing Area's events must be conflicting with the fullscreen. I'm going to see if I can figure this out.

  • Which browser are you using? Some browsers have different shortcuts.

    Also, if your game includes the event "On F11 pressed", Construct 2 will block the browser's default action (going fullscreen) in favour of the event's actions.

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  • I figured it out!

    I think this might actually be a bug. Having an "On any key pressed" conflicts with F11.


  • Actually, I think that means it's working as intended.

  • Hmm, it might not be a bug, but I don't like it. I'd rather it didn't override in this case.

  • You're right, 'On any key pressed' should not block the browser default action. This is changed for the next build.

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