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  • After brainstorm about how figure it out and workaround this issue, I decided to contribute here about this issue.

    On Landed trigger is not working properly when you have diagonal walls above the player head.

    If you try to jump near a corner where your player don't have any vertical space between his collision box and the solids or obstacles, he will jump, and when On Landing, it will not check On, because he didn't jumped, but his animations and etc did.

    So, because he didn't jumped, and falls, the On Landed didn't checked and your player will can walk around with the "Jumping" sprites On.

    Here a sample file:



    I'm working on a workaround, and making the code better too, simplifying and isolating some code parts, commenting, etc, so, this sample is a WIP, but still helping to reproduce the problem.

    Any question, please, pop me a message.

    Thanks you =]

  • Can you make a simpler capx? It's very difficult to tell if this is a bug in your events or a bug in the platform movement. Also, are you saying the bug is that when you're stuck "On jump" fires but "On landed" doesn't? I don't see why "On landed" should trigger if you did not jump, so maybe you just need to adjust your events to be able to handle that case?

  • sorry, doubled.

  • I'll make another .capx showing how the issue happen.

    The On Jump happen every time you make the gadget jump, but if something is preventing him to jump, the On Landed will happen and his animation will change.

    The problem reflected On Landed, because he didn't really jumped, so, he can't land.

    This happen when you try to jump near the edge of a diagonal wall with the ground for example.




    I was trying to reproduce a video, but fraps is not my beach ^^

    Go under the diagonal wall, near the corner between the ground and the diagonal wall, jump with W, see the bug happening, On Jump worked, On Landed doesn't. Or On Jump should not happen, or On Landed, but if one happen, the another one need happen too, or beginner users will have a hard issue to workaround.

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  • Ah, I see what you mean. OK, should be fixed in next build.

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