bug with IAP and windows universal

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  • See original link here: https://www.scirra.com/forum/issue-with-windows-universal-iap_t103762

    Problem Description

    Using IAP breaks windows 8.1

    Also, get error for 2 messages opening at once

    Attach a Capx

    See uploaded

    Description of Capx

    simple capx to test IAP on windows 8.1

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

      Export the capx to windows 8.1 universal. Setup the test cert in visual studio. Hit debug on local machine you should get an error right away something like SCRIPT5: Unhandled exception at line 4, column 205 in ms-appx://*****/Amazon-Web-App-API-tester.min.js 0x800c0005 - JavaScript runtime error: The system cannot locate the resource specified. File: Amazon-Web-App-API-tester.min.js, Line: 4, Column: 205

    Now, if you have both IAP and windows 8 set to test mode, you get an error due to 2 message windows trying to open

    aka this line in the code

    this.currentApp = (this.isTestMode ? winStore["CurrentAppSimulator"] : winStore["CurrentApp"]);

    if (this.isTestMode)


    //new Windows["UI"]["Popups"]["MessageDialog"]("Note: this Windows 8 app is in Test Mode, designed for testing purchases. Before publishing, be sure to set Test Mode to 'No' in the Windows 8 object's properties.")["showAsync"]();


    You can see the error by take the file in visual studio, "amazon-web-app-API-tester.min.js" and removing it from shared and adding it to windows 8.1 phone.

    Observed Result

    Error message, see above

    Expected Result

    no error

    Affected Browsers

      none, this is a windows 8.1 and windows phone issue

    Operating System and Service Pack

    windows 8.1

    Construct 2 Version ID

    version 168

  • Your .capx uses a third party plugin (unofficial Windows Phone), so I did not use it, but could reproduce it in a new project. Hopefully this is fixed for the next build.

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  • thank you very much Ashley.

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