Bug: Collision poly has less than 3 points

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  • Sorry for the double post but I/ve realised my original post was in "closed bugs" and I thought that it belonged here.

    The error started yesterday when I tried to import a sprite directly to my layout by drag&droping from windows. A bug error poped up saying the sprite has problems with its collision poly.

    Conflicting png

    <img src="http://s16.postimage.org/c12hr3l35/pointed_line.png" border="0" />

    I tried to import this png from the animation editor and it looked to work but today, when I tried to open the caproj, this error appeared.

    <img src="http://s11.postimage.org/4neaf0l4j/Untitled_1.jpg" border="0" />

    Any ideas? Pless tell me I didn't loose my proyect.

    Im working with the b99 on windows 7. Don't have a capx but I may attach the caproj if needed.

    bye and thanks!

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  • I attach a capx with the error reproduced.


  • Open your .caproj file with a text editor, go to line 1502 and add a third collision point by yourself.

    Not working:


                                <point x="0.985401" y="0.5" />

                                <point x="0.0145985" y="0.5" />


    Change to:


                                <point x="0.985401" y="0.5" />

                                <point x="0.0145985" y="0.5" />

                                <point x="0.01" y="0.5" />


  • Thanks man! It looks so easy now. I should read the error first before freaking out. My mistake.

  • Thanks for the report, it turns out C2 guesses the collision poly incorrectly for this image. Should be fixed in the next build!

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