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  • Hi, I am unsure what is going on with this problem. It isn't project specific but is happening when using Chrome on all projects. Chrome WAS running at an average of 13% CPU usage at a constant 60 FPS with webgl on for all my projects and for the sample projects. I'm using Chrome 30.0.1599.14 Beta-M. Now for no reason I can ascertain, Chrome has dropped to 40 FPS or so CONSTANT instead of the 60 it was normally at. CPU usage has dropped to 4% too instead of sitting at 13%. Here is the weird part...

    If I change my screen's refresh rate to 40hz instead of 60hz then Chrome starts putting out about 20 FPS constant. So if I drop my screen refresh rate by 20 Hz, it drops my FPS in Chrome down by 20 FPS to boot. I have all Chrome extensions disabled. Firefox Nightly says its putting out 64 FPS instead of the usual 50 FPS and instead of using it's usual 75% CPU it is now at 19%. I didn't update my graphics card drivers recently either. Only thing I can think of is that I updated to the current beta of C2 but I don't think that would have to do with anything. I also updated Java to Version 7 Update 25 (1.7.0_25-b17) at some point but I think that was before this problem surfaced.

    Any help figuring this out would be much appreciated... I really loved having 60 FPS constant no greater or less using Chrome, and I really need to get this back under control.


    Edit: I just loaded fraps and a 60 fps video that I had play inside Chrome, and can confirm that Chrome is able to be putting out 60 FPS if it wants to, now I just have to figure out why it doesn't.


    Edit2: UUUGH WTF? So if I bring the mouse up to the minimize, maximize and close buttons and click and hold the mouse button down, I can then move the mouse button away from the buttons anywhere I want on the screen and the FPS climbs right up to a constant 60 FPS, but once I release the mouse button it drops itself back to 40 FPS....


    So I went to Chrome's task manager (very useful) and there is a task there call "GPU Process". When I end that process 3 times, the screen will go black. After I refresh the window, I'm able to pull 62 FPS but my CPU usage has jumped up considerably to 45% now instead of being much lower, and the FPS is allowed to go past 60 (it is sitting at about 62-63 wth). Is this probably an issue with my graphics card drivers then? What do you think may be causing this issue?

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  • Closing as not a bug; temporary framerate reductions are either just the OS being busy in the background or your game's frame time nudging over the V-sync interval time (which can cause a sudden drop by, say, half). It's unlikely C2 has caused this.

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