Box2d report - r80.2 vs r83 report for Ashley

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  • Hi, i have a couple of Physics games,one of them is saved by the balls,and after i played the 89 levels of this game with a exported version r80.2 and r83 i realized there are some issues in version r83.

    -in some levels my character(ball), rolls from a standstill position with no reason.

    -when several blocks are piled, physics acts in a strange way, check this.

    Physics r80.2

    Physics r83.

    The collision mask is set to bounding box in both versions and minify script is unchecked.


  • Ashley, please take a look on this, because i have a lot of Physics games projects, and this make impossible to people make games like angry birds.i know this is a beta release but i think Box2d in release 80.2 it's better.tks

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  • Sorry, I missed this thread. It's difficult because some other people still had issues with the old Physics engine as well, so there's no one way which works for everyone. Are you sure you cannot work around it by adjusting the object positions or increasing the stepping iterations?

  • Ok no problem.

    Setting stepping interactions to 12-7 makes this particular issue a lot better, but this will not decrease the overall smooth and framerate of the game?

    I have 2 finished games saved by the balls (89 levels) and a new one (70 levels for now), and in these games you can find all kinds of Physics situations, and with release 80.2 all works very well with very low stepping interactions. For now i will keep testing with release 84 and i will report to you if i find other problems.


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