Blank screen when I launch game in cocoonjs [r90]

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  • Hi Guys

    For some readon when I launch my game with cocoon I just get a blank screen and an fps indicator that says >1000fps.

    It works fine with demo games so I was wondering if anyone else has had this? My game is not very sprite heavy and has about 60 events.


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  • Can you share the zip you were running?

    We can't fix bugs in CocoonJS itself, but we can co-ordinate with Ludei to get this type of issue fixed.

  • I can send it to you in a PM if thats ok? Any help would be appreciated and if it can help you guys then all the better.

  • Sure.

  • Great cheers dude, will sort it out in a bit.

  • Any updates on this issue?

  • ludei need to look at any broken projects to fix them. We also need to know which third party plugins and behaviors any broken projects use, because while the official engine ought to work, third party plugins can use features which don't work in CocoonJS.

  • Some updates from my side here, I have noticed this problem extends to Appmobi as well with this game in particular. I have a deep suspicion that it has something to do with the limitations Android apps have in regard to how much memory they are using. I am rebuilding the exact same project again from scratch and testing each event and added animation as I go.

    I have quite limited time at the moment but I will let everyone know the results.

  • Ashley

    Mine does not use any third party plugins but I'm having this problem. Should I make the .capx available to you or ludei?

  • I had a black screen with 5fps up the top but I could hear the music, I had assumed it was because I was testing something inappropriately big for my old Android 2.x HTC phone. That's a good question actually, is there anything about Construct 2 that will make it incompatible with any older Android OS?

  • Hi there, just bought Construct(yay!) and have the same problem using the cocoonjs launcher ;/

    Can somebody help me?

  • The problem seemed to be the facebook plugin I was using, after I?ve deleted it from my preject it executed.

    However, I?m experiencing problems with the letterbox scale mode and the game is running in portrait mode instead of landscape.

    Edit: Just to say I?ve solved the bug by forcing Landscape mode inside cocoonjs launcher options.

  • HAH this helped me a lot! Thanks

    It was the old third party plugin named TouchMouse causing all my troubles (either that or the new appmobi plugin but I don't think it's the appmobi one)

  • glad to help Wronghands :}

    cocoonjs is really a gift from heaven, even without tileable sprites, running my game at 30fps is awesome

  • Just to ad this here:

    I had a white layout in a game exported with cocoonjs. There was a huge image included like 2000x2000. I shrank it and the problem was solved. So keep always aware of the supported image size.

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