Black screen fix for webgl2 to webgl1

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  • When you export your cordova app and trying convert that android. App show splash screen and 1-2 seconds and screen is black.. nothing showing.. sounds... music works and others...

    Problems is WebGl 2... some page found different quide to fix that, but nothing is perfect.

    My last worked fix change preview.js file construct 2 export html5 folder or c2runtime.js file exported www folder.. line is 510 = (this.canvas.getContext("webgl2", attribs) ||

    to = (this.canvas.getContext("webgl", attribs) ||

    preview.js make that permanent and everytime export cordova problems has ignored....

    I hove Scirra fix that problem someday.. Exam put export select box where can select webgl 1 or webgl 2 used.

    Thx. Sinkomies

  • Thank you for this quick fix. I too hope this issue is fixed. It is still an issue on my apps.

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  • But white/black screen only happens if you include ad plugins right?

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