Big HTML5 project breaks latest Firefox/Firebug

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  • Link to .capx file (required!): Performance Issue in a big C2 project in latest firefox. Sorry there is no .capx file available due to company terms


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create a big C2 project and export it as HTML5

    2. Serve it on a webserver

    3. (if there is only one image file missing on the server, HTML5 game hangs on startup and displays some corrupted image fragments in the canvas area; error messages are displayed)

    4. if all images are available on the server, but firebug plugin is active, we observe the same effect, but unfortunately without error messages

    Observed result:

    • Firefox hangs and stalls in an endless JS loop

    Expected result:

    • Latest Firefox in combination with latest Firebug Plugin should work, since we use Firebug for debugging
    • If image files are missing on the server, at least start screen should be displayed and basic error handling possible

    (please note: everything works okay in previous Firefox versions)

    Browsers affected:

    Firefox: yes, Version 21.0, Latest Firebug plugin

    Chrome: no

    Internet Explorer: no

    Construct 2 version: 126

    (Even if there is no solution to this problem at this point it would be very helpful to me if someone has encountered a similar issue?)

  • I've seen, if all layers have Background set to transparent, that many sprites appear overlapped at 0,0.

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  • We can't even investigate issues, let alone fix them, unless you provide your project.

    In this case I think it just might be the offline cache playing up. If you re-upload your game to a new URL with all the images present, does it work? The offline cache might have cached the fact a file was missing (it can be pretty stubborn).

  • Try to upload again and restart the game. Sometimes it happens.

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