Behavior Dev Crash (ept_link)

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  • I don't know if you would call this a bug as it's more like something that is missing, or at least i think that is the reason for the crash.

    Basically i noticed if i try to use ept_link in a behaviors edittime properties it will crash the program.

    It seems to be working fine with plugins however so if possible it would be nice if these were available with behaviors also.

  • These are not yet implemented. Do you have a specific behavior you're working on that needs to use these properties?

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  • Not currently due to that crash but i had tested it with plugins and was working great (The SDK is really great by the way) so i was wanting to use it with behaviors when it is available. :)

    I had guessed that it was probably just not yet implemented as it was not listed in the SDK docs for behaviors, however i figured i should report this just in case as it caused a crash. Many thanks

  • Yeah, our strategy with C2 is to not develop anything until it's necessary. We don't have much in the way of resources so to save time we don't spend time writing anything unless we're certain it will be used.

    So, give me a shout if you have a behavior you want to use it for, and I'll write in support - otherwise it's better for us to be working on other things!

  • Ok well it's not something i need asap, but i was planning on using it with a behavior so it is definitely something i would use yes.

    I had also posted in the general section while you were away with a few other plugin/behavior development requests mainly aimed at property organization. These are also not things i need right away however as a coder that would definitely use these features if they could ever be added that would be very useful to me. The post was here -

    Many thanks

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