Behavior is completely different on Win and Mac.

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  • I have set the block as falling from the center on a regular basis.

    You will be dropped as it is set in Windows, but it fell from the right edge in Mac. Behavior is not aligned at all.

    In addition, fine behavior is incorrect Besides this. For example, you have set it to come toward to the player object that has a red color, but it does not display that kind of behavior and that's Mac.

    Browser tried Chrome is both even as Mac Win.

    published version by r163.

    test page ... index.html

    source ... attle.capx

    ** Original text of machine translation before





  • Closing as won't fix: physics is not always deterministic across machines and there are small variations. Try not to design projects which depend on very specific accuracy of movement. Both Windows and Mac are running identical code so there is nothing for us to fix.

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  • Thank you for the reply.

    I had forgotten it, but, MacBook Pro that I tried on was the Retina.

    It worked fine in the same way as Windows when it is tried in another Mac is not a Retina. (Box is falling from the middle)

    It's been a process that Windows.Width / 2 in this process, but I think in that the result is that the change in the non-Retina and Retina maybe?

    If so and I want the option to come back for the same result without being aware of any non-Retina and Retina.



    書き忘れていましたが、上で試したMacBook Pro はRetinaでした。


    この処理には Windows.Width/2 という処理をしているのですがもしかしたらRetinaと非Retinaでは結果が変わるということではないでしょうか?


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