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  • Okay, so I dont know if this is really a bug, so no capx included, but I did notice with the last few versions a problem occuring when using your files directly from your google drive folder.

    As soon as it starts saving your backup, it will never ends. Have to forcefully shut down Construct2.

    Working from another folder the problem is gone.

    Maybe the uploading and saving are interfering eachother. Thing is, a few version ago this problem was not there. The only thing changed since then is the C2 version

    Just thought it was worth mention.


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  • I've no idea why this could happen. C2 just accesses the disk normally. Perhaps the problem is actually with Google Drive? That would have hooks to watch for file changes in synchronised folders, and that may intefere somehow.

  • I think also in the lines of this. Things is, it was working until an 2 updates of Construct2 ago.

    The interference is when Construct2 want to make the backup right and google drive is updating/syncing these files.

    Is it a construct2 or drive mailfunction?

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