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    auto complete when adding instance variables or properties in events is broken.

    Attach a Capx

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    Description of Capx

    doing things like System. set value (local variable * sprite.instance_variable / 2 )

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

      Make a sprite give it some instance variables and behaviors try to use the set value action to make some variables or properties (like X and Y) equal to some product of it's other properties or local variables Autocomplete will try to add things that don't make sense. For example I'm trying to set a variable called Fisheye to object.variable*2 and when I type the '2' it tries to autocomplete it with abs and other variable names. So far I've only tried this in chrome.
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  • Can't reproduce: no .capx was provided so I opened Ghost Shooter, and typed*2 as an expression, and it looked fine.

    Please follow the bug report guidelines closely to ensure we can fix the problem you are reporting.

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