Auto-Hide taskbar unavailable when maximized

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  • This is a cross post from the How Do I? forum in this thread:

    When Construct 2 is maximized in Windows 7, an auto-hidden taskbar becomes unavailable by mouse. This is confirmed to happen by another person in the original thread. My collaborator found the bug to also be present in Vista but not in XP.

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  • I just installed Construct 2, and this is the first thing that I noticed - when maximized, it obscures the windows (Windows 7 SP1) task bar that I have set to auto-hide.

    I've literally just installed this software, and I'm already looking up a bug and then finding it was reported last year.

    That's not a very good sign ...

  • I think this is a bug in our UI library so there's nothing obvious for us to do about it apart from report it to the vendor. It's a shame you've run in to an issue so quickly, but the rest of the software should be very robust. We have weekly updates so we can move quickly to improve C2.

  • Hi. I would definitely recommend persevering.

    All software have bugs of varying degrees, some times caused by the developer sometimes caused by third party components. For example VS is very capable tool, but many of it's own controls (developed by MS them selves) have bugs.

    The difference I think here is that MS will take forever (if ever) to correct the bugs even if it is bought to their attention. On the other hand Scirra release regular updates, and if they find the cause of any bugs they will be corrected promptly.

    C2 is a very capable tool, and any buggy behaviour is well worth the trouble IMO. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thanks for your prompt reply - I've also been burnt by library bugs over which I have no control.

    Finished your Beginner's Guide demo - very nice tutorial & platform.

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