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  • I was very excited today as I finally sat down for a couple of long minutes and got direct canvas to work on android through eclipse ide. The problem is I only got the appmobi sample working, when I compiled it with a C2 exported game, I got the "Cannot call method load of undefined at index.html:61" and "Cannot call method execute of undefined at index.html:52" error.

    Both of these are in exported index.html and I believe should be defined in some appmobi's javascript file which I don't have or did not include.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated as always.

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  • It sounds like you're building it wrong. You don't need to use Eclipse and you have to use the 'export to appmobi' option otherwise it won't work - maybe you chose 'html5 website' instead? More info in this tutorial.

  • nope, I chose export to appmobi and selected the direct canvas export. as for eclipse, appmobi and direct canvas are open sourced and can be built with eclipse - it's the only way as I know, to use own signing key required to update apps later if is switch builder. every appmobi app build through their builder is signed with their key, which I don't want to happen. there's this for appmobi eclipse code:

    and this for appmobi opensource direct canvas:

    the two of them combined will work - direct canvas will render on andorid, but when I replace the with game exported from C2 it gives me errors described above.

    hope that helps.

  • shameless self bump :(

  • I'm afraid we only support building via the appMobi XDK as described in the tutorial I linked to earlier. I've heard from appMobi their open source code is somewhat out of date now and missing many bug fixes that we depend on. Closing as not supported.

  • ahh, ok then, I will turn to them then. thanks.

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