App crashes after a few minutes playing song in loop

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  • Problem Description

    App crashes after a few minutes playing song in loop.....

    Attach a Capx ... .capx?dl=0

    Musics: (same music 2 formats)

    1. ... p.ogg?dl=0

    2. ... p.m4a?dl=0

    Description of Capx

    Plays audio in loop.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Create a new Construct 2 project
    • Importa the music files as "Music"
    • Create an Audio object.
    • Go to the event sheet and add the "On start of layout" event, then -> Play the file looping (looping is important I think it doesn't crashes without looping)
    • Export it to Cordova with Intel XDK.
    • Install on phone, wait a few minutes to loop once or twice and it stops responding....

    Observed Result

    Crash after 2-3 minutes

    Expected Result

    Playing without stopping

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (NO)
    • Crosswalk webview (YES) Operating System and Service Pack Android 4.4.4 - CyanogenMod ARM OnePlus One It doesn't happen on Moto G 1 gen Android 5.1(dot)something Construct 2 Version ID The latest, (not beta) r233 64bit Windows 7 (VM) I don't think that is something related to Construct, I think it's a crosswalk bug and it's because of those particular music files.... But I could be wrong, so I'm posting it here and I've left a crash report on crosswalk jira:
  • After all it looks like the problem might be related to Construct 2 since I just noticed that the crash happens when the music is loops, 1 minute and 12 seconds after it starts.....

  • I doubt this is to do with Construct 2 because it 1) works on other devices, suggesting our code is correct and 2) it is not normal for web content to actually crash the app, that usually indicates a failure in the browser engine or OS.

    It is also probably unrelated to the decodeAudioData chrome bug mentioned in the Crosswalk bug thread, since your sound is categorised as music so probably does play with the audio tag already instead of with Web Audio decoding.

    Unfortunately it will be difficult to report this to anyone unless you can reproduce on stock Android. CyanogenMod is not officially supported by Google so unless you can reproduce it on a Google-supported device then I doubt anyone will look in to it.

  • I tough it was specific to that music file or something like that and since I will not to use that one I didn't care that much about the bug, but now it happen again with another music....

    I've changed it from Music to sound and back again and it doesn't happen now...

    This is either a bug exporting from Construct 2 or importing the music or exporting using Intel XDK....

    I mentioned I had CyanogenMod but I don't think that its related to that...

  • BTW, what's the diference between "Music" and "Sounds"??? (apart from the obvious meaning of those words....)

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  • I would be willing to try a apk file.

    Upload a apk file.

  • , download this game and let it open for 5 minutes to see if the music loops or crashes.... ... ojifriends

  • , download this game and let it open for 5 minutes to see if the music loops or crashes.... ... ojifriends

    the first time I pulled if that failed the initial menu screen after waiting a moment.

    The game closed automatically pulled out the system.

    The second time I tried nothing happened after waiting 7 to 10 minutes.

    Android 6 Galaxy s6

  • It only happens on my One Plus One with Android 4.4.4.... When the music loops in gets unresponsive and eventualy crashes.

    It doesn't happen on my Moto G with Android 5.1

    Since you have 6 it probably doesn't happen on 6 either....

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