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  • Problem Description

    After the Animation finish, I use the Trigger "On Animation Finish" to change the Animation & size to 64x64 but is not working as intended

    Attach a Capx

    Description of Capx

    Left click Mouse to start the animation & on animation finish, you can right-click on any tile it will update the text object to display the UID & Size of that tile

    The size of the tiles after animation finished it should change to 64x64 but it doesn't work

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1 >>>Left click Mouse to start the animation
    • Step 2 >>>Wait till the Animation Finishes
    • Step 3 >>>Right-click on any tile it will update the text object to display the UID & Size of that tile

    Observed Result

    The Animation doesn't Reset the Size after the animation Finishes

    Expected Result

    ____ What do you expect to happen? ____

    After the Animation Finishes the Trigger "On Animation Finish" Should Run his actions and change the animation Size to 64x64

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: Yes
    • FireFox: Yes
    • Internet Explorer:

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 10 x64

    Construct 2 Version ID


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  • It's working correctly. When changing animation frames, the sprite changes size automatically to scale to the next frame. For example if you switch from a 100x100 frame to a 200x200 frame, the sprite becomes twice as big so it looks correct. In other words, when changing between animation frames, the sprite size is scaled by the scale factor of the two animation frames.

    When you set the object to 64x64 it hasn't changed frame yet. Then it changes frame and the Sprite plugin notices it's going from an animation frame about 100x100 to 250x250. This is about 2.5 times bigger. This scale is applied to the object (currently sized 64x64) and it ends up with the final size around ~160x160.

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