Animation not changing.

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  • Look at this capx:

    1) Drag the ball to any hole in the top row.

    2) Drag the ball to any hole in the bottom row.

    3) Try to drag the ball to the same hole.

    You can see that:

    • In (1), the hole changes to show it is "full";
    • In (2), the hole DOES not change.
    • But (3) shows the hole is not empty.

    Since I "fill" the holes using a "Set Animation to", I wonder if this is a bug. I've tried to make object invisible and then visible again to force an animation change, and I've tried to pause and restart game, but nothing makes the new animation show up.

    Please notice that object animation has changed, I'm sure about that because the only condition used to test whether the hole is empty or not is the animation name.

    (Please excuse my for my bad English)

    Scirra R87, capx tested on Explorer 9 and Chrome. I use an NVidia card, so, if you can't see a bug, then it's on my card.

  • The events are a bit too complicated for a bug report. In order to prove it's a Construct 2 bug and not a mistake in your events you should try to reproduce the problem with a new project and as few events and objects as possible. Otherwise I'm afraid I have to assume it's a problem in your own events.

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  • You can download here a simplified version where a For... loop is used to set animation

    You can clic on any hole to see what is the value of the "AnimationName" property for that hole:

    I think the bug is related with the object touching or being outside layout or window boundaries.

  • You've got 3 extra "Hueco" at the bottom of the screen outside the layout. The bottom row is being hidden by the extra ones. You can see if you move them out of the way:

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • Very bad!

        Chenge animation everytime in your site.

  • But I tried with just 9, also...

    And, Why are the extra 3 not affected by the FOR... loop?

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