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  • Problem Description

    Under "animation properties/speed" If you input any number higher than 60 the system ignores it and it never animates any faster than this number.

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    Just press the letters on your keyboard and see no difference in animation speed even if the number is more than 3 times bigger than 60 .

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

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    Observed Result

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    Expected Result

    To see the animation go faster.

    If this has to do with the fact that the system cannot render the image faster than one tick then we shouldn't be allowed to enter anything larger than 60 and if we did then a warning should pop up explaining why we shouldn't do that and a possible solution for our problem.

    Something like "reduce the number of animation frames you have if you want to see it animate faster."

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  • This is currently by design: animation playback does not skip frames. The limit is not fixed at 60, it's whatever the display refresh rate is.

  • Ashley

    Any suggestion then on how to make an animation go (show) faster when we hit the 60hz refresh rate cap?

    we reduce the png's of the animation itself?From lets say 30 to 20?

  • Well firstly it's not something I'd recommend since it's going to be wasteful on memory: you will have entire frames loaded in to memory but simply skipped over and not shown, and secondly very fast animations would probably encourage using lots of frames which will result in high memory use again. Spriter is probably a better all-round solution to high-framerate animations.

    If you really want this anyway, just implement your own frame-skipping animation system using the 'set animation frame' action.

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  • Ashley

    I wish i could use Spriter on every platform...That way i wouldn't have to rebuild everything from scratch.

    Unfortunately Spriter is very cpu intensive for weaker possessors so i am stuck with png's for now.

    Thank you once again for your valuable tips and suggestions.

    I guess i will have to figure this out the hard way

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