Android APK Using Phonegap And Construct 2

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  • I made a game. it has highscores. the plugin uses ajax (xmlhttprequest) to connect to a server and retreive data and parses xml returned to display it on screen.

    phonegap is great and free.

    it worked and i converted the game to apk file. i installed it to my phone.

    it loaded but then hung. it hung/froze at the point where an xmlhttprequest was called.

    Is there any know fixes for this. is this a known issue. Ive done a little research but this is something new. I read it may be something to do with the fact that as the game on the phone is an app and not called from a browser the reference to the url where the ajax directs to uses file:// instead of http:// ( I may be wrong)

  • OK Please delete this, it seems to work now after i recompiled the game.

  • How do you solve this? I made a app too that uses a xml to request the point rank, when the apk is builded the ajax doesn't seems to be called and the error action is always performed.

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  • wbalbinot

    Ashley asks for users not to post in the Closed Bugs section.

    Also, the user in question hasn't even visited the forum in over 9 months, so asking here is pointless.

    You would be better off posting a query in the How Do I section.

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