Adding Behaviors to Sprites Not Refreshing

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  • First of all I have windows 7 pro, SP 1.

    I am running construct 2 release 178 64 bit version.

    I am adding a sprite and then add the bullet behavior to this sprite.

    Then the bullet behavior attributes do not appear on the left.

    I have done this before and it worked. Some times I need to save and try it again.

    Or I change to another sprite and come back and it works.

    This time I closed construct and reopened and nothing.

    Any Ideas?


  • It will be difficult to help if you don't follow the bug posting guidelines and include a small .capx with steps outlining how to reproduce the problem.

    Also, you are on a very old build, and Ashley always states to use at least the latest stable build, which is r184. Try updating first then see what happens. If it is a bug then it may have already been fixed.

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  • OK I am new to this sorry I did not include the .capx . I just paid and downloaded last week, so I dont know how I have a old build. I will check into updating.

  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines, we do not investigate any issues which ignore the guidelines.

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