R 80.2 Frozen Solid After A Few Bumps

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  • Heya, I am having a freeze after a few collision in multiple browsers. After a few bumps and updating a text field the game freezes. The game worked perfectly before I updated the art.

    Here is the not working version


    Here is the working one. I do not have the capx :( overwrote it.

    Old Game Working

  • I have the same problem with multiple hosted games and the only thing (as far as I am aware) that could be different from previously (perfectly performing) versions is:

    -the jquery1.7.1 version may have been changed?

    -my hosting provider has changed something?

    -I am simply having a bad day and need to go back to bed until tomorrow?

  • Hey Andy, Maybe its jQuery thing. My game is just on my local machine. I will look up what that is.

  • Well I just started up C2 this morning and got a crossing lines error for the automated poly collision. I was pretty darn sure that I had fixed mine. It was broken again this morning. Testing now to see results!!! Fingers crossed.

  • ok in the simple scene above I disabled all the updating of global vars and the updating of text on the screen. That seems to be the problem. I think that I will uninstall C2 and reinstall fresh just in case those pieces were not overwritten with update.

  • Did fresh install of C2 and things seem to work now. I guess something wasnt overwritten properly. There was some stepping lag running the game for the first.

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  • OK I found what the root of this issue is. When you have an object check for collision with a family type. then Destroy one instance of that family type. CRASH! now I am just making collision checks for each of my bricks and its fine. YAY.

  • Ah, thanks for the report, should be fixed in the next build.

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