139-142.2 Render stops for few seconds.

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  • You can use Vertical Space Shooter from inside construct2. Thats what I did. No need for me to upload capx therefore.

    Use firefox 23.0.1 or iphone/ipad/playbook/bb z10

    you MUST NOT use debugger, and just start normal testing - debugger will suprisingly make everything work as intended.

    Problem: After just few seconds render stops working, so things are frozen in place BUT logic involing "dt" is doing fine, exactly what it should. After that pause render catches up and never stops again.

    I started using construct from 139 but it happens in all versions ive tried.

    If you cant replicate this I might record whats going on. Just let me know if it doesnt happen to you when testing for it.

  • Closing - this is probably the JS engine doing some optimisation work. There's not much we can do about it.

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  • Is there any way for game developer to work around this issue?

    Why debugger works fine and normal testing does have hiccups?

    Maybe something that makes debugger work perfectly could be applied to release?

    It never happened to me with impact.js and phaser. Are you entirely sure construct2 isnt doing something that chokes some browsers on start?

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