[110]Pin behavior got glitchy

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  • It seams that pin behavior is broken and pins to the wrong position. Basically it pins higher (in my case around 20px higher ) then it should. I will try reproduce it when I will have a moment. Meanwhile does anyone has same issue?

  • In r110, pin seems to work.

    It sounds it may have to do with how you set things up.

    Also be aware there are currently bugs in arrays and loops which may alter the results of things that used to work.

    Provide a capx reproducing your issue, and be sure to check the next release available to see if the fixing of other reported bugs affects your issue.

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  • Please see how to report bugs, we cannot do anything about this report without a .capx or steps to reproduce. Without these there is no evidence anything is wrong, so closing.

  • Ashley, I know man, but It just started happening out of the blue.

    Now, I don't know what is going on with it tbh. It's just clipping once at the beginning of layout and moves position of the pinned image. I have toggled all of the events in the event sheet ( except "On layout start" ) to see if its something I've done, but it's still happening, so I'm assuming it is a bug.

    *link removed*

    To see this weird clip go to layout "Game test" and play it. The detector ( green box ) is being spawn at origin point of the red box, which is located at the bottom of the image. Then it's pinned. Once that happens the whole picture clips for several milliseconds and the green box suddenly is attached to the middle of the image.

  • Oh my god, please forgive me my stupidity. I have realized that my 2 frames temp char sprite was holding two different position for origin point. Topic can now be closed.

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