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  • Problem Description

    After setting an image to "Make 1:1" you can not manually resize it again. It will always be the original image size.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1 - Choose an image
    • Step 2 - Make it smaller than the original
    • Step 3 - Click on make 1:1
    • Step 4 - Make the image smaller again and play.
  • You probably get a 'follow' the guidelines' remark. And i am afraid thats is deservedly.

    I can not reproduce that 'bug' with a project containing only 1 sprite, so, with a project reduced to only the problem. You probably can not too, if you do the same, reduce the project to only the problem.

    I use a 'conditional form' because it always possible (and be-like) that i miss something.

    On the other side, this will happen and is unavoidable (at the moment) when you are scaling an instance that is NOT the first ever created instance of that sprite. AND when 'and play' in step 4 means that there are more instances spawned.

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  • I am actually being pretty generous on this one. I will probably never use this software ever again. it is made so poorly, that I wanted to help. Dont care if they fix it or not. just being nice reporting this.

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