[108.2] Actions with variables bug

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  • Hi,

    I have quite a lot of events and i've realised that after copying an action ( for example set variable to xx ) and double clicking on it ( pasted one ) the selected variable changes to next closest and sometimes even to a random. I have another project where i prototype little parts of main game and it is working fine, my guess because there is not many variables in that project. Also need to note that it happens to me only with global variables, though i don't have many instance variables yet.

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  • Please see how to report bugs. Can you share a .capx where the problem occurs with complete step-by-step instructions on what to do?

  • I can PM you capx if that ok? I don't really want others to see it atm.

    EDIT@ I've send you an email to support@

  • megatronx - it is best to always reproduce the problem in a new blank project. It's *far* easier for us to debug it, and you can share it publicly.

  • The only way to reproduce it would be to create loads of events and variables again. It started happening when I had around 200 events after using ctrl and mouse to drag-copy actions. I'm afraid that i don't have enough time to reproduce it. Maybe if you could just check the file i've emailed and see that if you double click on any action with "set variable to xx" does the variable change from the current one in to another, and we will know if it's specific to only my installation or not.

  • Installed 109 and the problem gone for now. Will keep you posted if it would to happen again.

  • I have been able to reproduce this bug on r108.2


    1) Create an empty project

    2) On the event sheet, create a global constant

    3) Create a global variable

    4) Create any event and add to it an action to set the variable's value.

    5) Edit that action.

    Expected: the edit action window should show the action's variable and the value to be set.

    Obtained: no variable is initially selected from the drop down list.

    This gets particularly annoying when you have to edit the action often.

    Thank you,


  • Azis, can you reproduce this in r109? It includes the fix "Possible crash editing event variable actions when constant variables used in project", which sounds like it's already fixed.

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