[103] Random crash - lost a day of work

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  • Ive been using all the releases for the last 2 months, and today is the first time its crashed for no apparent reason, losing about 6 hours of hard work. I am shocked that there is no auto backup feature to protect users, like there is in word for example. If that crashes, it opens right up with the version you were more or less just editing.

    I had setup 1 hour backups in the preferences to dropbox with the first version I installed (95). To my horror, I see that these have not carried through tot he current version - my backup folder slots are all empty - no backups.

    Let this be a lesson to self - save every few minutes hitting the save button.

    As I keep all my projects in dropbox anyway, ive just setup location 1 in the backup preferences to be on my local D drive,and set the frequency to be 15 minutes. if there was an option for 5 minutes, I would chose that. This will be my crash emergency recovery

    C2 developers, please consider adding something like this by default, even if its to save one backup every 15 minutes in the same directory as the project.

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  • Construct 2 definitely should not reset your backup settings between releases. Are you sure it did that? That's really the solution here, since the odd crash is probably inevitable, and C2 does have backup settings you can configure yourself, but they weren't in effect for some reason.

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