Touch not detecting release when over a textbox.

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  • Problem Description

    If a touch event is released over a text box, it will continue to detect Touch movements. Unfocusing the textbox has no effect.

    Attach a Capx


    Description of Capx

    A text box, a button and the Touch plugin. While touch-dragging or mouse-dragging the textbox.text will change to reflect the general direction using touch acceleration.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • 1. Touch and drag across the top of the app. The textbox.text shows the direction.
    • 1a. Release the touch while outside the textbox and move the mouse. The textbox stops showing direction.
    • 2. Touch and drag from the top of the app into the textbox. The textbox.text shows direction.
    • 2a. Release the touch while inside the textbox. The textbox.text continues to show direction.
    • 3. Touch and drag while inside the textbox. The textbox.text shows the direction.
    • 3a. Release the touch while outside the textbox and move the mouse. The textbox stops showing direction.

    Observed Result

    Touch is not releasing when the event ends inside a textbox.

    Expected Result

    The textbox should not continue to show touch movements when the mouse button/touch has been released.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (YES)
    • Edge: (YES)
    • Internet Explorer: (YES)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 10 64x

    Construct 2 Version ID

    r216 / 64


    This is essentially a reopening of this closed bug from 163-177. It appears to still not be fixed: w*w*w*

    I've also tried to switch focus to another object on the canvas and touch still detects movement.

    Since there is no user options for Touch, there's not even a way to disable/enable touch to reset it. I've tried some textbox plugins and they all seem to suffer this same bug. I'm still very seriously considering purchasing Construct but I keep running into snags. If there's a workaround, I haven't found it and would appreciate any advice.

  • The problem is that as a text box, it is required to interact with touch, and mouse as part of its model, eg drag and drop text.

    Ie, once you drag into it, it thinks it owns it.

    Try disabling it on touch start, and enabling it on touch end.

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  • That works, thanks but it seems to me that it should have the drag & drop plugin on the textbox before it sets it as a target, which is what it's appearing to do. And I just discovered that listboxes are affected by this as well.

    Anyway, thanks to the support for the two bugs I have reported, I'm ready to purchase... When does it go on sale next? Ok, not a good place for that question. Nevermind.

  • Unfortunately being Html5 compliant carries with it a few drawbacks such as not being designed specifically for games.

    On the other hand, since it's open you're not entirely limited by it either.

  • I too was having this issue, enabling/disabling the text box on touchstart/touchend worked. Thanks!

    However, this really seems like it should be fixed.

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