Text color doesn't stick if manually typed

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  • 1. Add a text to a layout

    2. On text properties, Color property, manually type dddddd<Enter>

    Actual: value changed to 221, 221, 221, but text color not updated on the layout

    Expected: value AND text color on layout changed

    3. Deselect the text, select it again

    Actual: color value back to the original, does not stick

    Expected: color should stick.

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  • You should post a file to work with to help you better.

  • Hmm, this seems to be a problem in our UI library. I'm not sure we can fix it. Everything works correctly if you type in the comma separated values like 221, 221, 221 though right? If so I think we might leave this one.

  • Actually it doesn't allow typing the comma. You can only type the hex values like BABABA or D2D57A etc and it converts them to decimal, but it doesn't get applied and it doesn't stick.

    You CAN select from the color swatch that appears when you click the "dropbox" and it does stick. So there is a workaround, it's just the shortcut (directly typing it without visiting the color swatch) that's broken.

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