Most reports here aren't actually bugs. Make sure!

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    Most bug reports to this forum are not due to defects in Construct 2. Please always carefully check you have proven there is a bug in Construct 2.

    The most common issue is users reporting bugs when there is simply a mistake in their own events. This is especially common with new users who don't yet have a good understanding of how Construct 2 works.

    Reducing the number of false bug reports will help the Construct 2 developers work more quickly and effectively, bringing a better product and service to everyone.

    When making a bug report, please make absolutely sure you have found a defect in Construct 2 and that it's not just a mistake in your own events. The easiest way to do this is to click "New project", and reproduce the problem with the fewest events and objects possible. This makes it much clearer. Always attach this .capx file to your bug report, even if it is very simple. Then if there is a real bug, the developers can also fix it much quicker, since they don't have to wade through hundreds of unrelated objects and events while investigating and resolving the issue.

    If you are relatively new to Construct 2, please check the manual and tutorials carefully to ensure that what you are seeing is not a documented effect. Do not attach your complete project to the bug report - we will close it without investigation since far too often it is simply a mistake in your own events.

    For more information on making bug reports which can be dealt with swiftly and effectively, see How to report bugs.

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