[r206] Events (and toolbars) become resized and unreadable

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  • Problem Description

    When a Construct 2 window is shrunk to a small width (which might even happen unconsciously and unintentionally by the user by habitually clicking the maximize/restore button, or double-clicking the header), the events of all open event sheets shrink down to a size where the object names are no longer visible. The issue is that when the window is restored to its original size, the events remain shrunk, and it becomes a pain to have to re-adjust them to become readable again (and it must be done for separately for each event sheet).

    Though not a normal occurence, the same effect can be seen with the toolbars, such as Project and Properties. Shrink the window width down to a small size to where the toolbars (especially ones docked to the right) virtually disappear, then scale it back up to its original size. Now to get the toolbars back to normal you'll have to manually resize them, because they have remained in their shrunken state.

    How It Looks

    Steps to Reproduce

    • Start a new Construct 2 project and make some events.
    • Set the unmaximized size of the window to a small enough width to shrink the events.
    • Restore (maximize) the window back to its full size.

    Observed Result

    The events remain shrunk, and if the width is small enough, the object names can no longer be seen. In order to get them back to normal, one must first drag the handle to show the name of the action object, then drag the handle at the condition-action divider, then finally drag the handle to show the name of the condition object. If there are sub-events, the condition handle for the sub-events must also be re-adjusted separately. This process must be repeated for all event sheets that were open at the time the window was shrunk.

    Expected Result

    The user set size of all the handles for each event sheet should be remembered. If there is enough available width to show the event size set by the user, show it, otherwise shrink as per the current logic. This should apply to all handles, including those of toolbars and any other interface elements that have this issue.

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7 Home Premium SP1

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • you can simply drag them wider

  • True, but it is annoying, and, in my case, not a behavior I'd ever want to happen.

    An option in preferences? Fit events to window, Yes/No?

  • Yeah noticed that too in last stable and beta, It is indeed very annoying if you have to "fix" them manually on every single event sheet every time you open the project.

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  • Same, it's not too bad but it gets a bit annoying after a while. Not sure why it happens, I rarely resize the width of my events.

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