Possible dragdrop / Progressbar bug

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  • Problem Description

    The problem im having is when using the dragdrog behaviour with a sprite and having a progressbar pinned to it. This will cause the dragdrop to stop working, lag or make the sprite jump around.

    Attach a Capx


    Description of Capx

    The capx contain 3 sprites with dragdrop behaviour, each of them have a progressbar pinned to them. The progressbars have been resize to different sizes as it seems to matter, however not sure.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

      1. Simply dragging each sprite around seems to work fine. 2. Place the mouse cursor above the middle progressbar and try to drag it. (This will obviously not work as it have no dragdrop behaviour) 3. Now dragging a sprite will now (in most cases) cause the sprite to lag, jump and ruin the dragdrop behaviour. This doesn't seem to happen for all progressbar. Starting by dragging the first progressbar to the far left and then dragging a sprite doesnt seem to cause problems. However it seems that it will happen regardless of whether the progressbar is pinned or not, simply dragging on a progressbar will ruin the dragdrop behaviour for other objects. (If someone can test it, and confirm the issue it would be much appreciated.)

    Observed Result

    Dragdrop behaviour stops working when you first drag on certain progressbars

    Expected Result

    That it shouldnt matter whether you dragdrop on a progressbar or not.

    Affected Browsers

    Tested in NW.js (v0.27.2)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • Dom elements are drawn on top of everything as they aren't part of the canvas and rendered with the rest.

  • I know, but still they shouldnt break behaviours like dragdrop or did i misunderstood what you meant by what you wrote? I just find it weird why a dragdrop on a progressbar, which doesnt have it enable would affect it on other objects. At least to me it seems like a bug. But have you tried testing if you experience the same issue?

  • Those elements aren't rendered at the same time, and most likely will be done at a slower rate depending on the browser.

    For example: https://pigmalien.github.io/Alchemy/index.html

    The lists, and bars lag where the orb and its texture don't, even though there's a lot more going on.


    Make your own bar out of non dom objects like sprite, tiled bg, 9patch.

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  • I think you might misunderstand what the problem is or I didnt write it clear enough

    I know that DOM elements are rendered on top of non DOM elements, which is fine as its not the problem, so its not important.

    The issue is if you click and hold down the mouse button on a progressbar as if you wanted to drag it somewhere. (As I wrote in the initial report, this obviously wont work as it doesn't have dragdrop behaviour). But regardless of that, after you have done it, other objects like the sprites which actually have dragdrop behaviour will no longer work. The mere fact that you simply "simulate" a dragdrop with the mouse on a progressbar will make it ruin the dragdrop behaviour for other objects.

    So simply, make a progressbar or a few and scale them down a bit as it doesnt seem to happen everytime and with every progressbar, after that make some sprites which have dragdrop behaviour. When you run the app. first try to dragdrop the sprites, this should work fine. Then try to dragdrop the progressbar and after that try to dragdrop the sprites again and see if they still work.

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