Placing objects on a layer with "Parallax in editor"

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  • Problem

    When trying to create elaborate levels in the C2 editor, you need to use "Parallax in editor" so that when you place sprites it will be an accurate representation of what you see when you play the game. If the layout has been scrolled at all, when placing an instance of a sprite on to a layer with parrallax, the sprite will disappear offscreen. The sprite is not placed where the mouse is, it is not taking into account the parallax. This problem is making it extremely difficult to make any game with parallax layers.

    Example Capx

    Description of Capx

    A layout that is wide with the "Parallax in editor" property set to "Yes". There is a single circular sprite available.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Scroll the horizontal bar at the bottom of the C2 layout roughly 50% of the way
    • Try placing the Sprite into the center of your screen
    • Notice that the Sprite is not visible, it was not placed where your mouse was
    • Keep scrolling the horizontal bar to the right in search of the sprite
    • Once you've found the sprite, try dragging it to the center of the layout to where you originally tried placing it

    Observed Result

    The sprite that was placed on the layout, went off screen in the distance

    Expected Result

    I expected the sprite to take into account the parallax of the layer, and position the sprite exactly where my mouse was.

    Or as Tokinsom puts it:

    The object is appearing at your mouse + the parallax offset. Subtract parallax offset when placing instances with parallax preview enabled.

    Construct 2 Version ID


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  • hmm i think is because the layer0 have the parallax set to 40, 40

    i think the work around will be setting the layer parallax do 100, 100 and build your level before change for the value you want

  • That defeats the point of using the "parallax in editor" setting. The point being is that it is suppose to allow you to work on a layout with parallax layers more accurately and efficiently. With the setting turned off, everything is guess work. You can't know where an object is going to be, in game, so you have to constantly test the game to see if things are lining up, or turn on/off the setting all the time for each layer.

    Ultimately this results in a lot of tedious nonsense, and makes working on a game with parallax backgrounds a nightmare.

  • The object is appearing at your mouse + the parallax offset. What you're expecting is more of a new feature than a bug. (Subtract parallax offset when placing instances with parallax preview enabled)

  • Thanks Tokinsom, I like the way you worded the issue.

    Yeah you're right, you could view these topics as either bugs or feature requests (or both at the same time!). Personally, I view it as a bug because the software isn't behaving as it should be.

  • Is there any way around this issue? i was using the parallaxing to make my game look nicer, but it was preventing the character from shooting (a vital element of the platform shooter)

    [EDIT] i found out that the character IS SHOOTING, but the bullet spawns very far away from the character once it moves. ill make a crude diagram here

    Player = O

    bullet = >

    Player Shooting, Bullet on top = (>)

    _ _(>)_ _ _ _ _ Normally the bullet spawns from right on top of the character

    _ _ _ O_ _ > _ but moving a short distance makes the spawning point of the bullet way off

  • HerrVonClaussen I'm not sure what you mean about parallax preventing your character from shooting, is that related to the bug in this topic?

  • Is this going to be possible to fix?

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