Objects Disappearing and Reappearing

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  • I know there is a similar subject in closed reports but the solution is not at all a solution for my problem. Sprites will constantly turn invisible in the editor until they are on or off the screen a little bit, or zoomed way in on. This is making it IMPOSSIBLE to continue making my game. [Sometimes they are even dissapearing in the actual game preview too] Im on release 239 right now, but the problem was the same with the latest construct 2 and earlier ones as well. One post said that the problem was an out of date graphics driver, but I just recently installed the best and latest driver for NVIDIA GeForce Ti 1050. As well as the integrated Intel Driver. But this is a new computer, and the same problem occurred on my last computer.

    This link is to the capx which has only one layout that shows this problem [there are others as well but this is the one that is causing me the most problems]


    Please help me solve this issue [preferably not by starting over, the capx may seem small but I've been working on this game for over a year]

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  • Disable preview effects in editor.

  • Can't reproduce here - everything looks just fine in the Layout View, but I'm not sure what it looks like when it's not working. I suspect it's a graphics driver bug. Yes, the latest drivers can still be buggy.

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