Multiplayer Plugin causes Black Screen on iOS (Cordova)

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  • Step 1: Create a blank project.

    Step 2: Add the multiplayer object.

    Step 3: Send to Cordova and upload .ipa to Apple. (Black Screen of Death)

    Step 4: Remove multiplayer plugin, send to Cordova and upload .ipa to Apple.

    Step 5: Project works.

    Release 267

    error 15:56:58.722105 -0700 kernel Sandbox: deny(1) mach-lookup error 15:56:58.729813 -0700 mediaserverd HALS_AHPPlugIn.cpp:121:ObjectSetPropertyData: HALS_AHPPlugIn::ObjectSetPropertyData: got an error from the plug-in routine, Error: 560226676 (!dat) error 15:58:29.584303 -0700 dasd Activity not tracked as being started for BundleID (null), ignoring it error 15:59:06.620053 -0700 assertiond [NewProject:2257] SyscallError: setpriority(PRIO_DARWIN_ROLE, 2257, 3): No such process error 16:01:16.092642 -0700 kernel Sandbox: photoanalysisd(1356) deny(1) mach-lookup error 16:01:36.329155 -0700 sharingd XPC connection invalid error 16:01:37.369369 -0700 CircleJoinRequested "Daemon connection invalidated!" error 16:01:38.790658 -0700 dasd Activity <private> not tracked as being started, ignoring it error 16:01:47.246741 -0700 CircleJoinRequested "Daemon connection invalidated!" error


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  • Anybody have this problem?

  • Still broken in r268.

  • Still broken in R269.

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