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  • Problem description

    This also happens in the free version of C3

    the mouse wheel does not scroll in the layers window.

    The layer window does not detect the scroll performed with the mouse wheel.

    It is mandatory to scroll by clicking on the sidebar of the layers window.

    Attach capx

    Description capx

    Only the separate layer window, reduced and with a number of layers so that you have to scroll through it and you can prove that the mouse wheel does not work in this window.

    Steps to reproduce bug

    Place the cursor in the layer window and scroll through it using the mouse wheel, you will notice that it does not work.

    Operating system

    win10 64

    C2 version

    259 64bits

  • Can't reproduce here. The layers bar scrolls with the mouse wheel just fine. I'm on Windows 10 64-bit too.

  • Do you have the configuration as in this gif?

    See how the editor's tabs change when I turn the mouse wheel over the layer window.

    Even if you select a layer and rotate the wheel, the rotation is directed to the editor's tabs, not to the layers window.

  • Oh right, it only happens if the mouse is over an undocked scrollable layers pane which is itself over the expanded ribbon bar, which the mouse cursor is also over. In this case for some reason the wheel scrolls the ribbon beneath the layers bar instead of the layers bar itself. In all other cases it scrolls the layers bar normally. Unfortunately Construct's code is not at all involved in the dispatch or handling of mouse wheel events - it's entirely handled by either Windows or our UI library, so I'm afraid I don't think there's anything we can do to fix this. It seems a pretty niche case anyway - you can work around it by simply moving the layers bar off the ribbon.

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  • I had not tried that to move the position window.

    Of course it is a solution but I preferred to occupy that empty space.

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