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  • Problem Description

    I got wrong inputs prediction and bug

    Description of Capx

    the capx look to not working on firefox so better try it on chrome

    [attachment=0:205dikbv]test multi3.capx[/attachment:205dikbv]

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Connect as peer

    jump on the rigth of the wall and position rigth under

    jump and loo

    jump while moving and look the player annimation bug

    Observed Result

    Bug annimation and collision

    Expected Result

    i expected more smooth and no bug

    Affected Browsers

    Chrome: YES

    FireFox: YES

    Operating System and Service Pack


    Construct 2 Version ID


    and this problem look recurent

    here another post were someone posted a multi player platform test


    I tryed the game and here what i get :

    I think its a Construct bug cuz as u can see in the first video i sended when i disable input prediction all work fine (but the latency is huge)

    Im making a clean capx if u really need it but its look that they is a problem bewteen platform colision and input prediction

    Here the cleanest capx i can make

    [attachment=1:205dikbv]multi 4.capx[/attachment:205dikbv]

  • Sorry for uping this subject by i think there is a misunderstanding, this bug is now close to the only one thing which's keeping me out to publish my game atm because i dont want latency problem or bug with colision like described. Pleas take a look or explain me in wich way that not a bug if you think it isnt but i would be very happy to be fixed. I apologise for any inconvenience.

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  • I can't help with your problem, but may I suggest you test using the latest stable release at the very least, as any bugs in r169 may have subsequently been already fixed.

  • Confirmed, testing with your capx on the latest construct 2 beta build.

    It seems like the actual client is always 1 pixel further than the host sees your location.

    About the animation, please note that you have not synced the animation in your example.

    I would also not recommend do to that as it's a big waste of sent data, but it would probably fix the animation issue.

    Looking forward to some tweaks and enhancements of the multiplayer system.

  • You could try syncing instructions in stead of objects. I use extrapolation (predict location based on active state) instead of interpolation (plot movement based on known points) to coordinate movement.

    My way is much more complicated but for platform games it provides the results your looking for. What I do is call functions simultaneously on each device to sync the action instead of the object. Here is an example capx to demonstrate the theory. Open on multiple browsers, click connect. use arrow keys to move objects. Try it with 2,3,4 players and see


    Edit: I have reduced all the code from this example to simple plugin but haven't released the plugin yet (I'm debating on whether its worth the head ache of supporting it). In the mean time this example with out the plugin works if you want to give it try.

  • Even your solution show a little graphic inconvenience when we stick on the wall, i wonder if this bug i solvable now :s. I created this topic long time ago and still no update or reaction from the dev team, i guess they have more fun to work on other and new plugin but this really anoy me for my game who is based on wall jumping

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