Google Play Services plugin is broken, fix it please!!!!!!!

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  • The cranbery plug I have not tested, does it work with native GooglePlay sign in (like cocoon) AND does it have actions for requesting scores/data etc (like the regular Scirra GooglePlay plugin) ?

    Sorry for delayed response. In my testing with Cranberry CordovaGame plugin and Cocoon GooglePlay plugin I have only used the conditions / actions related to logging in and unlocking achievements. I haven't played with leaderboards in my games yet.

    The CordovaGame plugin does login in a similar way to the Cocoon plugin, at least from the user's perspective they both look very similar in terms of the types of notifcations you see etc.

    As for what options there are to access leaderboard info, I posted a pic showing the conditions / actions available within CordovaGame, in case thats useful:

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  • Artpunk thank you very much! Highly appreciated!

    Obviosly Cranberys plugin do not support fetching the leaderboard either. Really really disappointing!

    So then there are actually no existing plugin at all that supports fetching data from GooglePlay leaderboards for cordova games...

    I like Construct2, but this is one of the biggest disadvantages. It works to integrate with other systems, but all plugins seems only to be "half developed" and theauthors just quit in the middle of the development. So there are just a very limited support of the functions.

    I can pay for a plugin, but if I do I want it to support the functionality in full.

    The strangest thing is that the scirra official plugin has most of all functions, but it only works for web apps, and not mobile apps...

  • Obviosly Cranberys plugin do not support fetching the leaderboard either. Really really disappointing!

    Well I see there are actions in the CordovaGame plug to 'show leaderboard'. So thats not what you want?

    Or you're saying you want to be able to customise how the leaderboard is shown in your game?

  • Artpunk , hmm.. no, I want to fetch scores and player data from the leaderboard, not to just open the GooglePlayGames app leaderboard.

    'Show leaderboard' is just a "link" to open GooglePlayGames Leaderboard. I want to fecth the data into the game. It works fine with the official scirra plugin, but that is only for web apps, not mobile.

    To just link to the GooglePlay do not really look nice in my opinion.

    To illustrate: I want to be able to have a text like this in the game: "Come on, beat the current champ, Artpunk is currently the best player with a score of 53218" and then maybe a text to display the five best players of the week scrolling in the down.. or for a driving game: "Race! Beat the time 2,40 to became new champ! Current best player is Artpunk".. whetever like that...

    You remember when you play pinball machines or like pacman or whatever in the local mall, there are always a top high score list scrolling when you die..

    These functions exists in the scirra plugin, AND it exist in the android API, ( ... boardScore ) but it is not implemented into Cranberry or Cocoon plugins... really sad.

  • I would also like to see these additions to the cocoon plugin.

    fredriksthlm Have you already launched your game?

    Does the 'submit score' feature work for you? On either the cranberry plugin or cocoon?

  • I have not released the game, just testing and developing some stuff right now. But as far as I can see it works to submit scores with Coocon yes. (Never tried the cranberry one.)

    But since it is not possible to receive and show any scores at all except your own, this plugin lacks so much functionality so it is hard to see why I should use it at all

  • ludei or cranberrygame Do any of you plan to further develop any of your plugins for GooglePlayGames to be able to fetch data from the Leaderbord into the game? It is possible and works fine with the official Scirra plugin, but that plugin only works for web). Neither of your plugins has this functionality, but the functionality exists in the android API for google play.

    Will it be included in C3 plugins, or in the C2 ones?

  • How are you solving this issue? I use cocoon plugin but it says login failed, can't even show my leaderboard on mobile despite following all the steps to setup google play services and leaderboard in my game. Please let me know if you found any solution. Thanks

  • Any news about the Google Play plugin? Does it still not support Google Play Services for mobiles in a satisfying way? I've tried to build with Cordova, but it doesn't work.

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