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  • When you try to drag an event of higher level under one with subevents (if the subevented one is the last one on the sheet), it only allows you to drop the event as a subevent of last event. Here's an example: (imagine #1 is a single event, and #2 is an event with 2 subevents)





    Imagine you wanted to drag event 1 under event 2, but keep it's depth level. You can't, unless you manually add a new event under it (so it gets the highest depth) and THEN drag event 1 under the one of highest depth.

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  • I hope this isn't one of those things that's too late to fix/change.

  • Yeah, this has been a bit of a nuisance for ages.

  • The workaround is to drop it above the last one, then drag that last one back above it.

    Edit: A Workaround I hadn't thought before, hit control X to cut the event you want to move, then Control-V to paste it, it will paste at the bottom.

    (Someone pointed out you could Control-V on an empty event sheet, which made me think of that.)

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