Erratic, unconsistent behaviour of Jumpthru when combined with Platform

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  • Problem Description

    Jumpthru behaviour works inconsistently if the object also has a platform behaviour (even if it is disabled). Some identical instances of the same object properly work as platforms while others let the character fall through. From what I observed, if there is a single instance, it usually doesn't work.

    Attach a Capx


    Description of Capx

    It's simply an active platformer object with two Jumpthru platforms wich also have a disabled Platform behaviour.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    On start the characters lands on one of the platforms. Simply walk or jump to the other one. The bug is noticeable too by deleting one of the platforms.

    Observed Result

    The player object falls through the second platform, despite it being a direct copy of the first, functional one.

    Construct 2 Version ID


    (If somebody is curious about why in the world did I need such a behaviour combination, it was for making a crumbling platform. On timeout, it would disable collisions and activate its platform behavior to let gravity do its thing while fading out. I worked around the bug and simulated the gravity with a bullet behaviour using acceleration, which I guess is more optimal anyways.)

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  • You're not supposed to give the floor 'platform' behaviour. It is for a playable character in a platformer not a platform i.e. something you stand on. You would give the floor object jump thru behaviour but not platform.

  • Yeah, I assume that having a jumpthru (or solid) and platform behaviours at the same time is probably calling for trouble, but the thing is: the platform behaviour is disabled, so it should not be affecting anything at all (or if it does, at least you would expect it to be consistent...I have two platforms on the example wich are the same, and one works as a platform while the other doesn't. Both platforms have their platform behaviour disabled.

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