Construct 2 erased saves with old ones

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  • Hello,

    I'm not 100% sure it's a bug but I think so.

    As the title says, I was working on a little game with the free edition and when I launched my game.capx, the one where I save each time, it launched an old version (~10 days ago). The backup file is also an old one as well as the autosave. This is weird cause the autosave and backup are said to have been modified for the last time 10 days earlier but I saw the autosave loading bar a few times in the past days when I was working.

    In the end I lost almost all my project, 7-8 hours easily and worst I don't know why or how.

    I understood looking for other backup that there was only the one in the same file as the game so I'm quite disappointed and I imagine I can't find any saves any more.

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