Combining an "On condition" and a "Trigger once while true"

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  • I found a way to put two events in the same box even if they shouldn't be. Like the "Trigger once while true" and "On function" and so on. For the moment, it helps me doing some things and don't seem to be creating any bug or glitch, so I would rather say it's a tip and trick, but, if it happened that it may cause any problem, here is how I did it:

    Anyway, that's still useful if a function is called in multiple following frames, like on a "Is key pressed" condition:

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  • well trigger once is not the issue ... the issue u had was ur blocks had a function call... OR trigger once followed by nothing so of course u wold have some logic issues since trigger once happens one time ... and has no specific information when that once happens... while the function tells c2 when to trigger once ... the little green arrow means trigger once while the function is true.. if ud have done it on a boolean then the trigger once wold be useful .. but in this format trigger once u can remove it ... since its automatically skipped by c2....... its not a bug ... its a logic mistake u did ...

    u always been able to put trigger once condition and trigger once functions or conditions toghether ... but you can never put for example "on arrow release " which is same as ur function triggering once .... with another trigger once release arrow .. since they both have the same logic ... there u can have OR since u wold probably ul want to do when up arrow OR W is released ... do ....etc

    for example ...try duplicating the function and place them in same condition without OR c2 will stop u from doing that since its not needed ...

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