[C2/C3] Improve Windows Store plugin for supporting IAP in project with Xbox Live integrations

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  • - Problem Description -

    My game was approved for IDgri@Xbox program and now I'm integrating the achievements into game. But I found a problem with C2 IAP's - they do not work. IAP works if Test mode is "on" but not working in published game. Apparently for applications with Xbox Live we need to use a other namespace for purchases, that's what I found in the documentation:


    At the moment, my game is in Xbox Creators Program, and purchases also do not work. I didn't know about it, but the players told me about this issue. Before Xbox Live was added IAP worked flawlessly.

    - Attach a Capx -

    Any project with Xbox live integration for Xbox Creators Program or IDqjn@Xbox.

    - Steps to Reproduce Bug -

    Step 1 - Export project from C2 with IAP plugin (or Windows Store plugin) and Xbox Live plugin as UWP and open in Visual Studio 2017.

    Step 2 - Build app package and publish on Microsoft Dev Center.

    Step 3 - Launch app and try to purchase IAP.

    - Observed Result -

    No response from purchasing.

    - Expected Result -

    A window for confirming of purchase appears.

    - Affected Browsers -

    Chrome: (NO)

    FireFox: (NO)

    Internet Explorer: (NO)

    Visual Studio: (YES)

    - Operating System and Service Pack -

    Windows 10 version 1803

    - Construct 2 Version ID -

    r262 64bit

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  • Hi

    As a temporary solution, I managed to implement the purchase by running this js code using the Valerypopoff Javascript plugin:

    -> On touched purchase button: Execute js code:

    	var StorePurchaseStatus = Windows.Services.Store.StorePurchaseStatus;
     var storeContext = Windows.Services.Store.StoreContext.getDefault();
    storeContext.requestPurchaseAsync(#0).done(function (result) {
     if (result.extendedError) {
     switch (result.status) {
     case StorePurchaseStatus.alreadyPurchased:
     c2_callFunction(#1, []);
     case StorePurchaseStatus.succeeded:
     c2_callFunction(#2, []);
     case StorePurchaseStatus.notPurchased:
     c2_callFunction(#3, []);
     case StorePurchaseStatus.networkError:
     c2_callFunction(#3, []);
     case StorePurchaseStatus.serverError:
     c2_callFunction(#3, []);
     c2_callFunction(#3, []);


    #0 - Purchase ID from Windows Dev Console

    #1 - name of C2 function for restoring purchase

    #2 - name of C2 function for success purchasing

    #3 - name of C2 function for unsuccess purchasing

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