C2/C3 colors different from Photoshop. Why?

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  • Problem Description

    I noticed that when i put my photoshop made sprites into C2\C3, the color changes a little. Much worse with transparent sprites overlapping each other.

    Attach a Capx

    I guess there`s no point?

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Make some sprite in photoshop. Put it into C2\C3, compare color with your photoshop source.

    Observed Result

    Color is different.

    Expected Result

    Color is exactly the same.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (YES)

    Didn`t check others.

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7 SP1 64

    Construct 2 Version ID


    Construct 3 Version ID


    Heres an example. I used 2 sprites, one completely black and the other is really small white to transparent gradient. Put them on top each other and this is what happened:

    Notice how colors are slightly different. Basically darker in C2\C3.

    You might think, why all the fuzz? The differency is barely noticable. But the problem is - my game uses a lot of filtering layers with sprites on them having effects like color, overlay, hue etc. 1% difference +1% +1% .... and there you have a very noticable 10% difference.

    Now, i don`t know if it`s even a bug, if it`s photoshop or construct related. Maybe it`s the color profile in my photoshop, but then wich one do i use? Theres like trillion of those. All the images i did the testing with were done in RGB\16 (sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile) saved as PNG-24 with sRGB on, interlaced off.

    There`s also this weird thing. What Construct says about layer color, and what Photoshop says, c2 seems fine, c3 is off:

    How do i deal with this?

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  • Hey, I had this strange thing too.

    I set a color in the "set color" effect and it was different from aseprite.

    Here something strange happens with the rgb values.

  • I can't reproduce any issue in either C2 or C3. If I make a PNG with Paint.NET filled with (37, 37, 37) and import it to C2/C3 on a white background, preview, screenshot then inspect the colors in the screenshot, the sprite is still (37, 37, 37) and the background is (255, 255, 255).

    Perhaps the problem is with how Photoshop is exporting the image. I don't use Photoshop so I'm afraid I can't comment on that. Additionally perhaps you have a system color profile, or a high bit depth setup, display calibration, or something like that which results in some kind of rounding error when converting to and from 8-bit color channels.

    Also it's possible that your graphics hardware or driver is optimised for performance over accuracy, so some small color alterations could be the result of taking shortcuts to improve performance. (Graphics vendors have done far worse things in the past.)

  • Ok, thanks for replies. It seems that i`ve been able to battle this issue. Didn`t do thorough testing yet though.

    What i did is i changed my color profile in photoshop to "Monitor RGB - sRGB display profile with display hardware configuration data derived from calibration". My monitor profile in Windows is "sRGB IEC*bunchofnumbers*". I also changed view setting in Photoshop to Monitor RGB aswell. The when i save for web i check the "transform to sRGB" box.

    So it was a Photoshop issue after all.

    Funny thing though, Construct 3 255,255,255 layer color is still 254,254,254 in photoshop lol.

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