Bullet sometimes follows the mouse angle I set but sometimes it doesn't for some reason

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  • So, I've made a bow that every tick sets its position to the player and the angle to the mouse, and when I press click a firing animation triggers and an arrow (bullet) is created with speed 0. Every tick, if its speed is 0 it teleports to the string's position until the animation is over after 0.4 seconds and its speed is set to 2000, making it not teleport to the string anymore or set angle towards the mouse every tick, making it fire. But when I play it sometimes the bullet does follow the angle it was at when I set its speed to 2000 but sometimes it just goes to a straight line for no reason, which doesn't make sense considering this same bullet was angled towards the mouse when at speed 0.

    Important things to note:

    These events are at Layout 3 at the ElPatoArco group.

    The bullet is called Flecha and the bow ArcoElPato.

    When the bow is not in firing animation the arrow is not there, it's just drawn into the bow but when the firing animation starts it is not drawn in anymore and is a real object.

    Here is the project:


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