The box that shows the variables does not memorize their status

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  • Attach a project demonstrating the problem

    The steps to follow to reproduce the problem in the project

    1 - Declare some global variables with long names and a constant with a long name

    2 - In the action "Compare two values" write the name of one of the variables

    3 - The autocomplete box will appear but will not show full names due to lack of space

    4 - Make the box wider to see the names of the variables

    5 - Select and click OK

    6 - Repeat the steps and you will verify that the autocomplete box did not memorize its status and you will have to resize it so that it shows the name of the variables completely

    What you expected to happen

    The autocomplete box that shows the name of the variables should memorize their state when the user resizes it

    What you observed happening instead

    The autocomplete box that shows the name of the variables does not memorize their status / size

    The box does not adapt to the length of the name of the constants, only the global ones (not constants)

  • Probably you could come up with a better variable name than something which is 36 characters?

  • The box wraps to any variable name automatically, but if it is of constant type then it doesn't wrap.

    The box should fit the longest name, constant or not.

    The name can be whatever you want, be it long or short, that should not be decided by Construct 2.

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  • Here is another example, the name is not very long, however it is not shown in its entirety and it is necessary to always expand the box because it does not memorize its status.

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