Bluetooth keyboard problems only on iOS

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  • Problem Description

    Only on iOS with a bluetooth keyboard, I can't get the text typed by using

    [b]Attach a Capx[/b]
    [b]Description of Capx[/b]
    When you type outside of the text box the text typed should appear on screen
    [b]Steps to Reproduce Bug[/b]
        [li] connect a bluetooth keyboard to an iOS device (I've tested with ipad mini)
        [/li][li] type outside the textbox
        [/li][li] See that nothing happens[/li][/ul]
    [b]Observed Result[/b]
     What happens?
    On computer and android the text is being recorded, on iOS nothing happens
    [b]Expected Result[/b]
    text should appear on screen on iOS like is happening on android and computer
    [b]Affected Browsers[/b]
        [li] Chrome: (YES)
        [/li][li] FireFox: (YES)
        [/li][li] Internet Explorer: (YES)[/li][/ul]
    [b]Operating System and Service Pack[/b]
    iOS 8,9 10
    [b]Construct 2 Version ID[/b]
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  • I've encountered this also on 244. In my experience, the newer "smart" keyboards that connect directly (non bluetooth) also had the problem... so something seems off re: iOS keyboards altogether.

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