Assertion: Cannot enlarge memory arrays in asm.js.

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  • When debuging the game for more than 2 minutes, this error appear. Assertion: Cannot enlarge memory arrays in asm.js.

    This error also ocur while playing the exported game , after minute or so


    Debuging in node webkit

    I know there is plenty of images, <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":-)" title="Smile" /> , it will be done by rotate behaviour later, but now i need to know how much images can i use before a bug

    Operating System and Service Pack

    _Windows 7 x64, 2Gb Ram

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • It's odd that you report an error message to do with asm.js when the provided project is not set to use asm.js physics - it's set to use box2dweb.

    Can you confirm that it is the correct project and that this setting is accurate?

  • You can easily set it back to asm. I can provide tutorial if it is problem.

  • Try to remember to clearly state what your .capx is and any extra steps to reproduce the problem. We ask for a .capx that reproduces the problem, and it's confusing if you provide one that doesn't reproduce the problem and actually needs extra steps you didn't mention.

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  • Ok sorry about that. I am sure it was because of the images. 1 sprite had animation of 100frames. i put 9 such sprites in the layout. After i tried rotate behaviour the problem is gone , now. But if you wish , i can do it again , and record video of what exaclty i am doing so it is clear. and will provide new capx

  • asm.js is limited to 8 collision polygon points - many of those sprites have more than that... I seem to recall that concave shapes are also not supported by asm.js, but I'm struggling to find a reference and might be mistaken.

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